• Thank you to everyone who voted - we won the primary! Now it's on to the next election!
  • Election will be on November 4, 2014!
  • Former Dover City Councilman Reuben Salters Endorses Sean Lynn as 31st District Candidate!
  • Progressive Democrats of Delaware Endorses Sean Lynn as 31st District Candidate!
  • Polytech Young Democrats Endorses Sean Lynn!
  • Representative Darryl Scott Endorses Sean Lynn in 31st District Primary
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Sean Lynn

My motto has always been “I do things differently”, and my approach to public service reflects this. With a unique perspective as a sitting two term City Councilman from the City of Dover, a practicing Delaware trial lawyer, a former public school teacher, and an avid volunteer, I believe in bringing a unique, novel and personal touch to Public Service.

When asked about why I am seeking this Office, my answer remains the same, “I believe in Delaware: the value of teachers and public education; public safety and the knowledge and security inherent in providing a safe home for your family; the goal of protecting and fostering our children; ensuring equality under the law for all regardless of gender, or race, or religion or sexual orientation; promoting economic prosperity and job creation; and being a tireless, loud and unapologetic advocate for those I represent.”

When presented with the opportunity to run for the House of Representatives for the 31st Representative District – I didn’t hesitate to get involved. As a Dover native, I know the many challenges that the future brings to Dover. As our City grows, we are at a literal, and figurative, “crossroads” – faced with the opportunity to secure Dover’s place as a thriving mid-Atlantic City, coupled with the challenge of preserving our history and tradition, all the while ensuring we remain a viable, affordable and safe place to raise a family.

You see, I grew up here, and I chose to raise my family here, because I firmly believe that the people who live in the 31st District are, and have been in my lifetime, the best example and illustration of “Community” that I have ever experienced. I am proud to be the only candidate for the 31st Representative that was born and raised in Dover, the only to attend Capital School District Schools, the only one to reside in “Olde” Dover, and the only one to be a small businessman in Downtown Dover. I have a vested interest in our communal growth and continued success.

I am asking, humbly, for your support in this endeavor.

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