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Sean Lynn

“I believe in Delaware: the value of teachers and public education; public safety and the knowledge and security inherent in providing a safe home for your family; the goal of protecting and fostering our children; ensuring equality under the law for all regardless of gender, or race, or religion or sexual orientation; promoting economic prosperity and job creation; and being a tireless, loud and unapologetic advocate for those I represent.” This is what I told you during my first run for State Representative in 2014; and the same remains true today.

Two years ago, when presented with the opportunity to run for the House of Representatives for the 31st Representative District– I didn’t hesitate to get involved. With a unique perspective as a two term City Councilman from the City of Dover, a practicing Delaware trial lawyer, a former public school teacher, an active volunteer – and today, as your incumbent – I know the many challenges that face our City, now more than ever.

I have met with many of you during my first term: community leaders, decision makers, concerned citizens, dear neighbors and old friends. You have come to me with problems big and small– and, together, we have developed solutions. As your Representative, I have facilitated the completion of many Capital Improvement projects throughout the District, ensured funding for Schools and Community Centers, negotiated disputes between local businesses, and advocated tirelessly on behalf of my constituents in Legislative Hall.

It has been an honor to serve as your Representative. I am asking, humbly, for your continued support as I seek reelection.

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