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Endorsements & Testimonials

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Delaware State Education Association

Joanne Cabry from Progressive Democrats of Sussex County Endorse Sean Lynn

On behalf of the Progressive Democrats of Sussex County I thank you for your leadership in bringing SB 40 to the House Floor. Your sincerity, thoroughness and courage were evident in the powerful exchange between you and Bryan Stevenson. I believe that January 28, 2016 will be remembered as the date the repeal of the death penalty in Delaware became inevitable. Time will show that nine of your fellow Democrats were on the wrong side of history that day.

I also witnessed the same preparedness and commitment during you testimony at the Judiciary committee hearing in 2015. You gave it your all. I do not believe any representative listening to you and Bryan Stevenson and all of the others who have come to Legislative Hall, including Kirk Bloodsworth, had a reason to vote "no" on SB 40 other than a political one.

PDSC is goin to use the question Why should I have faith in you? to determine candidates we will support in 2016. Your work on SB 40 will serve as a model for what we are looking for.

In his book "Just Mercy" Bryan Stevenson describes, "the kind of hope that creates a willingness to position oneself in a hopeless place and be a witness that allows one to believe in a better future, even in the face of abusive power. That kind of hope makes one strong."

Sean, you made us feel strong on January 28th. We are grateful to you and the other 16 representatives who were on the right side that day.

Joanne Cabry
Chair Progressive Democrats of Sussex County

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