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The Issues

Sean Lynn
  • Constituent Service

    Above all else, Sean takes pride in being responsive and accessible to his Constituents. From his time on Dover City Council, he learned that listening to his neighbors, hearing their concerns, and then promptly addressing them was the inherent and primary responsibility of being a Public Servant. Sean takes great pride in answering phone calls and emails in a prompt and timely manner.

  • Experience

    As a trained Delaware attorney, Sean is prepared from the first day on the job to work as your lawmaker. He has extensive experience in drafting legislation, together with a familiarity and working knowledge of the Delaware Code, the Delaware Constitution and the United States Constitution. In addition, he has served two terms as a Dover City Councilman, where he was Chairman of the City’s Legislative, Finance and Administration Committee. He also served on the Public Safety Committee, the Utility Committee, the Civilian Pension Board, the Police Pension Board, the Construction Code Board of Appeals, and was the Mayor’s appointee to the Library Commission. He is the only candidate for the 31st with not only the practical knowledge of being a lawmaker, but the actual experience.

  • Integrity

    As a City Councilman, Sean learned first-hand about the integrity and courage necessary to stand up against special interest groups on behalf of his Constituents – and he has both!

  • Commitment to Public Education

    Sean grew up in the Capital School District, and attended: Fairview Elementary, William Henry Middle School, Central Middle School, and Dover High School (class of 1993). As the only candidate for the 31st who grew up locally, and was educated in the District, Sean knows first-hand the value of Public Education in Delaware. Sean also worked a public school teacher between College and Law School, where he developed a keen understanding of the challenges faced by today’s teachers.

  • Jobs and Economic Development

    Sean is an active and vocal advocate for small businesses and Economic Development.

  • Public Safety

    During his time on the City of Dover Council, Sean was instrumental in bringing the Dover Police Department back to its full operational strength. Sean also worked with his colleagues to ensure that day care aged children were provided the same protections as school aged children from Child Predators. Ensuring that Dover remains a safe place to raise a family, and as the father of two, is a major component of Sean’s vision.

  • Equality and Fundamental Fairness

    Sean believes our Constitutional freedoms and protections belong to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Sean will continue to ensure the just and equitable application of Delaware Law to all of its citizens.

  • Common Sense

    As the only candidate to actually both pass a governmental budget and run a small business, Sean knows the value of bringing “Common Sense” to Government.

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