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Endorsements & Testimonials

Representative Darryl Scott Endorses Sean Lynn in 31st District Primary

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a public debate between the two gentlemen seeking the Democratic nomination to represent the 31st District in the Delaware House of Representatives, Ralph Taylor and Sean Lynn. This forum was productive and educational, and I thank the candidates for sharing their thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues.

During the debate the differences between these candidates became apparent, and I believe the person most qualified to carry the Democratic banner in the 31st District this November is Sean Lynn.

Sean, a local attorney and current Dover city councilman, supports many of the same policy positions that I have advocated for during my time serving our community in the House. For example:

  • Public education – Sean and I believe strong public schools should be supported with the state and local funds they need to educate and prepare our kids. We do not support any system that would rob our public schools to support private institutions through the use of vouchers.
  • Common-sense gun control – Delaware needs reasonable, well-crafted laws to prevent firearms from falling into the hands of people with dangerous mental illnesses. I fought for laws like this, and Sean will too.
  • Women’s reproductive rights – Sean agrees that the person most capable of deciding what a woman should do with her body is that woman herself.
  • Equal rights under the law – There is no higher purpose in our Constitution than to protect and defend the rights of all people equally, regardless of race, creed, age, gender, physical ability or sexual orientation. Sean has pledged to advance this principle in any way he can.
  • The death penalty – Like me, Sean believes we should abolish capital punishment.

When I announced earlier this year that I would not run for reelection to the seat I’ve been privileged to hold for the last six years, it was my intent to remain neutral in any Democratic primary election race that emerged. However, the points above made it clear to me that there is just one candidate on the Democratic side whose beliefs most closely align with mine and best reflect the values of our community.

Over the coming weeks I hope you will take some time to get to know Sean and understand his positions on the issues most important to you, as well as the views held by his opponent, Mr. Taylor.

My family and I will be voting for Sean Lynn in the Democratic primary Tuesday, Sept. 9, and I hope you will too.

Rep. Darryl Scott
31st District

Read the article on WDEL.

Former Dover City Councilman and Legal Aid Attorney Jim McGiffin Endorses Sean Lynn!

Democrats in Dover have an important decision to make on September 9. We have to choose a successor to Darryl Scott, the outstanding Representative of the 31st District. Fortunately, we are presented with a clear choice. Sean Lynn is a bright and hard working public servant who understands how and why our government should work. He is an effective advocate who embraces the values of diversity and inclusion. He respects women’s rights to make their own health care decisions. He knows that we must fix our public schools and not abandon them. He recognizes that capital punishment is ineffective public policy. Sean Lynn is the right person for the 31st Representative District.

Jim McGiffin

Progressive Democrats of Delaware Endorses Sean Lynn as Progressive Candidate for the 31st District!

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that the Progressive Democrats of Delaware (PDD) offer you our endorsement as a 'Progressive Democratic Candidate' for the 2014 Delaware Election Cycle.

The PDD Endorsement Committee has reviewed your Endorsement Survey, evaluated your current and historical positions on current civic matters, and reviewed your proposed or actual voting history to conclude that you uphold and represent a true Progressive Democratic philosophy.

We look forward to supporting you in your campaign and wish you a successful election

David Ingalsbe
Secretary, Progressive Democrats of Delaware

For a full list of their endorsements please visit the PDD Website

Reuben Salters Endorses Sean Lynn as 31st District Candidate!

Sean Lynn has proved to be an aggressive supporter of human rights issues that pertain to the American Value System of Equality. His support of the renaming of a major historical areas in Dover in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King and his support of the renovation of the White Oak Park are testimonials to his involvement in community issues that have a direct impact on the lives of Delaware Citizens. Without hesitation I consider Sean Lynn the right person to lead the 31st Representative District into the 2015 session of the Delaware General Assembly.

Reuben Salters
Dover Citizen

I was pleased to hear that you would be running for Darryl Scott’s seat in the 31st district. I will support you in anyway I can. Being on the HOA board in the Wild Meadows Community, I saw first hand how dedicated you were to the senior needs in Delaware. We appreciated all of your efforts in working with us or pointing us in the right direction for help. Especially my pet project to repair the hugh ditch across from our community entrance. I respect an honest person and you showed me that could be possible in a politician. You tell the truth and follow up on everything that was asked of you no matter what the outcome was to be.

Good luck with your campaign. Know that you have my vote.

Claudia Leverton
Wild Meadows Senior Community

During his term as 3rd District Councilman, Sean Lynn, not only attended Wild Meadows Home Owners Association, he interacted with a residents following up on their problems and concerns. Lynn made certain that our community had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Calpine Power plant proposed for the Garrison Tract adjacent to our community property line. He also made possible our meetings with the producers of the Firefly Festival which impacts the community to keep us abreast of the events.

There are times when the Developer of our Wild Meadows Community is slow or fails to correct a problem. Councilman Lynn has always responded quickly in having a Dover Inspector investigate to determine if a the problem was a city code violation and enforce the law.

After a career as a News Director of a major Baltimore Radio Station covering government and serving as Press Officer for the Mayor of Baltimore, I learned to distinguish between elected officials who promised a good game and those who delivered on their promises. As my Dover City Councilman, Sean Lynn delivered as an extraordinary representative. I believe he will excel in Delaware House of Representatives. His actions earned my support.

Fred Neil
President, Wild Meadows Home Owners Association

It was a pleasure working with Councilman Lynn when trying to successfully get a street in Dover renamed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. I was impressed with his commitment and dedication to helping the IMA of Dover and Vicinity win approval from the City Council to make this endeavour a reality. Against much opposition from council and community constituents, Sean persevered, withstood the criticism, stood for what he believed was right and pressed forward until the victory was won. Sean is a man of integrity, a man of faith, a man who isn't afraid to stand for what he believes is right, even if he must stand alone.

Rev. Rita Mishoe Paige

As president of the Downtown Dover Partnership I worked closely with Sean Lynn to enhance Downtown Dover. Sean has been instrumental in supporting DDP’s efforts to improve the residential neighborhoods for both existing residents and to make the downtown more appealing for new residential development. He understands the issues as he is a lifelong resident himself and is personally invested in our success. He also recognizes the importance of bringing businesses to the area for jobs, which was realized with the 85 new workers associated with the EZ Pass project and others. He strongly supported all of our efforts to improve public safety in the downtown and recognizes public safety as a key to improving the quality of life for the citizens. Sean has used his position as Councilman to assure good planning for the future is being accomplished to assure good use of taxpayer dollars! Through our work together Sean has always shown honesty, integrity, and willingness to work hard to tackle tough problems. I commend him for his staunch support and know he will make a great State Legislator!

Gregory V. Moore, P.E.
Principal, Becker Morgan Group, Inc.

Sean Lynn is the right choice for House Representative for District 31. Sean is always right on the job to endeavor to solve concerns of those he represents. Rest assured he will keep you informed about what is going on in District 31. Make your vote count ~ Win with Lynn.

Carol Deffley

As President of the WOTP Civic Association, I proudly endorse Sean Lynn for the office of House of Representative 31st District. Sean has worked tirelessly and effectively for the White Oak Towne Point Neighborhood over the last several years. Sean has proven to be a man of his word and exemplifies honesty, fairness and dedication. Sean was always there when he was called upon to serve our community. Not just during election season!

Sean is the best person qualified to be our next Representative. He will work tirelessly for the folks he represents.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Sean Lynn as candidate for the House of Representative 31st District.

Nelson Hill
3rd District

I've been very satisfied with the representation you've provided me as one of my two 3rd District Dover City Councilmen and I look forward to the very same fair and forthright representation you'll soon provide to all residents in the Delaware 31st Legislative District.

You're the right man for the job Sean. I want to do all I possibly can to support both your condidacy and your election to the office of 31st District State Representative.

J. P. Long

I am a resident of Wild Meadows in Dover. I want to thank you for all your hard work on our behalf both for the community and for me individually. I also want to wish you good luck in the upcoming election. I think you would make an excellent representative!

You helped me to find counseling for a tutor student a few summers ago. I think you also helped get the new legislation for child abuse from the state. The best in the nation! Thank you for all that you do!

Brenda & Edward Banas

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